Monday, December 12, 2011

Counting Gifts

Like most folks, we've been busy this time of year.  Fun busy.  And though I am tempted to go on about this day, I will pause long enough to reflect here on a few of the many gifts from the passing of these days.

Our boy and girl the night of their Christmas concert at Our Lady of the Lake
how grown and handsome looking he was
seeing him do well at something I didn't even think he would try
her focus and her joy and her sparkle

My love coming up with a Stay-cation list for us
his planning and driving and doing and smiling

the Christmas wonderland at the Grotto's Festival of Lights
the gospel gently spoken through speakers along
paths lit with luminaries
hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights
candles representing lifted prayers
the aromas of barnyard animals and churros y chocolate
the decorum and reverence of a Catholic chapel
evangelical indeed

My love calling this Christmas his favorite
our littles stating, 'but Christmas isn't here yet"
he and I saying, "ah, but it's advent"
Christmas is here

the joy in giving

the anticipation of this advent week