Thursday, September 29, 2011


The atmosphere outside the door is almost magical
a rarely mixed batch of wind and warmth
the sun shooting through leaves still holding green

October winds ushering out September breezes
as inside the cocoon 
this place is in metamorphosis 

Twenty degrees of heat will be lost by Saturday
clouds will cover sweater- bound citizens
and rain will wash under our boots

But today dry winds muss our hair and sun kisses our arms
And He smiles on us as

He changes us too.

Monday, September 5, 2011

An Ordered Life

This Labor Day marks the beginning of a new season for me and mine.  With my two littles now in 4th and 6th grade, schooled at home, I am having to change some ways.  I don't think anyone would think of me as a disorderly person.  Heck, there are some who actually have been fooled into thinking I'm quite organized!  But order, especially of the strict variety,  has never been a strong point of mine... or frankly even something I ever wanted in my life.  Still, as I look ahead to this school year, I can recognize that without daily order, what used to be carefree, unencumbered living becomes captivity to fancy and whim.  Even though I do so enjoy fancy and whim, I just as much dislike captivity.

In the vein of ministering peace unto my family (and myself!), I have scoured toilets, laundered sheets, scrubbed floors, vacuumed carpets, dusted furniture, planned meals, stocked the pantry, made lists, scheduled lessons, placed holds on books, readied binders, sharpened pencils,  marked the calendar, bathed the dog and cleaned the van.
And prayed.
Inspired by a constant conversation I read about, I purposed to also walk in thanksgiving through these preparations.  Let me tell you, what joy!  What freedom!  Scrubbing a toilet has never been so gratifying.
Yes, Tuesday we will enter into our books and studies.  We will have done what we could to make ourselves ready, and we will turn unencumbered open hearts and minds to Him who teaches us all things.
In this may we learn thankfulness.

Counting now from His infinite graces to me and mine...

the last roses of summer
neighboring mercy

gathering to celebrate friendship

a really good day planner

making dinner out of odds and ends

a no turned yes

warm breezes
bare feet
hair clips

being a woman

thoughts of wood and yarn and music

sentence prayers

my crucifix, because
it wasn't the tree that saved me
it was the Man on the tree

holy experience