Monday, August 30, 2010

Gratitude for #209-221

reminders of a past not far gone....

friends that like to plan


old houses
the sea

God's grace to help me bite my tongue
His mercy when I didn't

knowing what I need

the ability to serve

the interest of the 'mundane'

realizing that ordinary does not exist (thank you Ann)

that life is beautiful....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quote of the day, the month..... the year?

Today I was visiting Ann Voskamp's blog:, and she was talking about parenting.  It's a wonderful post!
I linked onto another wonderful blog post written by Jenny at Just a Minute:
Remembering What I Know

In her post, Jenny reflects upon coming back around to what she knows is right when it comes to parenting.  It so beautifully ties into Ann's post.  And it was such great encouragement to me.  I certainly have nothing else to add to what these wise women say.
I simply want to share one of the best quotes I have read in a long while.

I am adopting it as a sort of theme for my own present journey.

This from Jenny:

So if I seem absent from this place, it is because I am present somewhere else.

And now I must go, as I have somewhere else to be....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gifts from Heaven... 184-208

I am supremely thankful for the opportunity to record these....

sleeping kids
quiet house

cool air
abundant growth
having a little animal-baby that forces me out-of-doors often into God's wonderland

my son growing in knowledge, maturity and stature

my girl and the wonderful girlish mystery about her

dirty feet... the evidence of good and adventurous play

being and feeling content

being able to try again

having my love hold my hand unexpectedly

watching him fall in love with a puppy

excitement about a new school year

a good sermon

an island adventure awaiting us

having dinner out alone with my son
knowing it meant a lot to him that we did that

the peace of my home
the health of my children, husband and me

watching my daughter run across the church to embrace her old Sunday School teacher during welcome time
knowing that woman sowed into her life with sincerity, love and truth

that I could sit here all day and write things like this
that I get to move on from here

holy experience

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some blessings.... #167-183

wanting to manage my home
being equipped to do it

the good business practices of a 10 year old
the daddy that teaches him those practices
the people he blessed with his lemonade
the people that blessed him back with their kindness and change

a puppy of our very own
his gentleness
his ability to attach despite his murky past
that even though he's naughty, he wants to please ;>

the little 'cuddle monster' that lavishes us with her love

friends that asked to watch our children one fine Sunday... 'just because'

watching my friend share Jesus' love with her little Iraqi friend

two new little pups for my friend 'Moonshine'
how they make her smile

despite physical silence, knowing I am well loved from 3,000 miles away

that running out of time translates to having more time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The gifts....#148-166

holy experience

time exploring with my family

having enough


carpet deodorizer


comfy chairs
Saturday nights
late sunsets



beauty that surrounds me

sleeping kids

people who have a lot of stuff figured out
people who don't

old men who preach