Monday, August 23, 2010

Gifts from Heaven... 184-208

I am supremely thankful for the opportunity to record these....

sleeping kids
quiet house

cool air
abundant growth
having a little animal-baby that forces me out-of-doors often into God's wonderland

my son growing in knowledge, maturity and stature

my girl and the wonderful girlish mystery about her

dirty feet... the evidence of good and adventurous play

being and feeling content

being able to try again

having my love hold my hand unexpectedly

watching him fall in love with a puppy

excitement about a new school year

a good sermon

an island adventure awaiting us

having dinner out alone with my son
knowing it meant a lot to him that we did that

the peace of my home
the health of my children, husband and me

watching my daughter run across the church to embrace her old Sunday School teacher during welcome time
knowing that woman sowed into her life with sincerity, love and truth

that I could sit here all day and write things like this
that I get to move on from here

holy experience


  1. Sounds wonderful.

    Wish I could join you in a cool afternoon walk with animal-baby...

    I look forward to the day when the FL feet join the OR feet and there are again 8 dirty feet- 'evidence of good and adventurous play'

    Being and feeling content- good stuff.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts; I enjoy the glimpse into your days :} Much love & gratitude.

  2. lovely list.

    a quiet house, sleeping children, dirty-adventure-loving feet... beautiful.

    So glad to have visited.

  3. I love the "having my love hold my hand unexpectedly"... those precious breathe taking moments!
    I too give great praise for a quiet home and sleeping children. I've never met a parent who doesn't see those times as blessings too.

  4. I love Ann's communities... they are just so much fun. I enjoy meeting all you thankful people out there! :) Your list sounded kinda like mine today, too...

  5. Beautiful glad our blogs found each other!


  6. having my love hold my hand unexpectedly

    Oh, I love those moments.