Monday, August 16, 2010

Some blessings.... #167-183

wanting to manage my home
being equipped to do it

the good business practices of a 10 year old
the daddy that teaches him those practices
the people he blessed with his lemonade
the people that blessed him back with their kindness and change

a puppy of our very own
his gentleness
his ability to attach despite his murky past
that even though he's naughty, he wants to please ;>

the little 'cuddle monster' that lavishes us with her love

friends that asked to watch our children one fine Sunday... 'just because'

watching my friend share Jesus' love with her little Iraqi friend

two new little pups for my friend 'Moonshine'
how they make her smile

despite physical silence, knowing I am well loved from 3,000 miles away

that running out of time translates to having more time.


  1. sharing in your joys Dear One.

    i know there are too many to count... if love for you were a river we'd sail in two days and two hours - Google says 3,065 miles from here to there :)

    i love you, Dear Friend.

  2. I followed a trail this morning and found you. Thanks for sharing a part of you with us today.
    IN HIM,

  3. Enjoyed my visit at your site today. I join you in gratitude for people who openly share Jesus with others and friends who truly love you and give the gift of their time to you!
    grace and peace to you