Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback

Today, I'm the Monday Morning Quarterback... calling the plays from the weekend as they should have been,  not necessarily as they were.  It's easy to see in hindsight what you would have done differently.  It's another thing altogether to live each moment to Him, and with no regret.  

How is it we can make such mountains out of molehills, and yet the places most in need of our consideration lay fallow?  

Fallow ground waiting for seeds of life.  It takes intentionality and discipline to grow a garden of fruit.  Conversely, a patch of weeds needs little more than looking the other way.  

And so yesterday I sang a song about Jesus taking the wheel.  
Pastor preached about addictions and bitter roots....
of which I thought I had none....
but maybe...
there are some.

Yet, even before he preached it
I knew He would preach to me.
Even before I sang it, 
I knew the song was for me.

"Jesus, take the wheel
take it from my hands
cause I can't do this on my own
I'm letting go
so give me one more chance
save me from this road I'm on"

And isn't this the anthem for us all?
What a day it is, when we wake up and realize that the sermon is for us, and that Jesus, in His Word.... He is speaking to us, 
not someone else.
He speaks to me about my need.
Why would He concern me with someone else's?

So, Jesus take the wheel.
Not from her or him or them....
from me.

And I'm thankful for:

sickness that doesn't last, but gives way to

prayers being heard

story times
minds learning


friends to wrestle with the hard truths of scripture 

how scripture is so powerful to shape us, and even our hopes for the future

how the Hold Spirit meets our every need, not in a far-off-in-the-clouds way, but
indwelling us, bringing us the salve, the instruction, the wisdom to the very core of where we need it and in every moment of our need.

how that is amazing

Monday, January 23, 2012

With small voice

These last weeks have brought with them a hurricane of thought and conviction... even some worry and dread.  Oh, we are fine.  Physically we have more than we can use or need.  But burden's transport travels in more than one direction.
So with small and quiet voice today, because I'm tired, here is some of the "much" that we have to be thankful for:

my sweet mother's birthday
a chance to celebrate His good work

a new friend taking me under her wing
how nice it is to be under someone's wing

how He is always there, even in the midst of confusion

growing children

hope for today
hope for tomorrow

that, yes, His grace is sufficient.

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's late... but not too late to celebrate!

What a wonderful world!  Truly.  We are so very blessed by the amazing creation all around us.  Even in the deadness of winter, His heart sings to us.... even in the silent stillness of cold night falling in early hours.

I have been reflecting on 2011:  The Year of Practice for me.  Ann Voskamp writes of do-overs.  Yes, I suppose I could use a do-over... if that's the way it worked.  But she and I both know, that isn't how it's intended to be.  Perfection isn't expected on this side of things.... at least not as it relates to the high ideals of communion, thanksgiving, intentionality, and yes... even practice.  We can perfect our execution of a math equation, we don't perfect our soul.  That is squarely His territory.  So I will continue to "practice" as I set out in 2011 to practice such things as kindness and thoughtfulness and prayerfulness.  But as themes go, it's time to move on.

Here, in 2012, my family and I are going to give some intentional thought and consideration to what and how we create.  We do so much of this without even really thinking about it.  I wonder what will happen if we slow down and pay some better attention to detail.  What might it be like to dream up a vision of something and teach our head and hands how to make it reality?  I'll confess that, in part, this idea was born out of my own struggle with and journey toward finding and celebrating true beauty.  I see and hear SO many conflicting messages about beauty.  I have heard countless victims (mostly female) of our current youth culture bemoan the fact that they are "less than", "not enough", "too fat, too light, too dark, too short, too tall, too freckled, too wrinkled, too pimpled, too stringy, too frumpy...."  just too much of all the wrong things and so they are just simply... not enough.

How this saddens me.  And I've been there.... I've lived in that place of "not enough".  I know whereof I speak, so I can't be fooled.  Everyone gets their wake-up call in a different time and place.  For me, it has come with having children and wanting more for them than I used to accept for myself.  What I now know about my value in Christ... I want them to know now.   Self-loathing is the stuff of fools.  It's the easy trap of our enemy and we foolishly take the bait.  There is no upside to it.  It is.... an....utter... waste of time.  The learning doesn't come in the loathing.  It comes in the waking up.
 The devil is no teacher, my friends.

So why a Year to Create?  Because it is about how we reflect our Creator, the Beautiful One.  What will happen when we are more about what we produce, than what we consume?  More about what we give than what we take?

My hypothesis is that there is life and living and fruitfulness in this.  I invite you to come over to our family's new blog:  Imagination Nexus.  Just click the button below and take some time to see, will you join us this year?

Imagination Nexus, Blog Buttonl"/>

And now, counting with Ann and the Gratitude Community:

Shopping dates with my love
Lights, lights, lights!

My daddy singing at the table
holding his hand in church
his prayers and exhortations

My mom cooking with me
the way we laugh together
her reading to us from this book.

Being together.

The house at night

calls from sisters

birthday fun
middle-eastern food
Persian friends
a friend who loves at all times

a taste of liberation

This message of not one resolution, but 10,000 instead
and how that fits... just right.