Monday, January 23, 2012

With small voice

These last weeks have brought with them a hurricane of thought and conviction... even some worry and dread.  Oh, we are fine.  Physically we have more than we can use or need.  But burden's transport travels in more than one direction.
So with small and quiet voice today, because I'm tired, here is some of the "much" that we have to be thankful for:

my sweet mother's birthday
a chance to celebrate His good work

a new friend taking me under her wing
how nice it is to be under someone's wing

how He is always there, even in the midst of confusion

growing children

hope for today
hope for tomorrow

that, yes, His grace is sufficient.


  1. your joys are also mine. i celebrate with you, and there is much to celebrate (:

    doesn't it always amaze the way He gives us the desires of our heart, when perhaps we didn't even realize until the fulfilment it's exactly what we needed in this season?

    and despite the cliche` it's true, hope floats; just like a big, beautiful, billowy cloud in the bright blue sky. hope.

    and His grace - sufficient indeed.

    how beautiful you are as you open up your life & live expansively.

    love to you,
    sweet -t-

  2. Kara, your much is much! thank you for sharing! His love for you and your love for Him continue to spill over! Keep being thirsty, keep drinking Him in so He continues to overflow! Love you, girl!