Monday, August 30, 2010

Gratitude for #209-221

reminders of a past not far gone....

friends that like to plan


old houses
the sea

God's grace to help me bite my tongue
His mercy when I didn't

knowing what I need

the ability to serve

the interest of the 'mundane'

realizing that ordinary does not exist (thank you Ann)

that life is beautiful....


  1. Love. Love. Love it!
    Your pictures are fabulous :)

    Thank you Dear One.

    Your sleeping beauties warm my heart and your bird houses bring another smile... I love all of your artistic pictures!
    - - -

    "realizing that ordinary does not exist (thank you Ann)"

    I love you & am excited for a time of sharing :}

  2. SO lovely. I like old houses too. Great list.

  3. We seem to be living on the same page lately:

    "God's grace to help me bite my tongue
    His mercy when I didn't."

    Ah, yes. Oh, boy.

    And yes, that elusive "ordinary." I think it has been redefined without my knowledge! :) I love Ann, don't you?

    I also love her communities -- it's the only time in my week that I let myself browse. It's fun to visit, and so I'm thankful for the good excuse. I'm glad you stopped by today...


  4. Beautiful list... I wrote of the grace to bite my tongue last week. Such gratitude for life! Love it!

  5. Life is beautiful and you capture its essence well.

    As always a delight to splash around in goodness with you today.


  6. 9/2/2010

    i don't know how it is God chose me to be blessed with the treasure gift of you and your friendship
    but i am ever thankful

    i so don't deserve His blessings upon blessings... i am humbled and thankful

    i so don't deserve the Love He has put in your heart for me, but i am ever so thankful

    there has never been a friend more loving and encouraging than you

    and, yes, we are a lot like dogs :o]