Thursday, September 29, 2011


The atmosphere outside the door is almost magical
a rarely mixed batch of wind and warmth
the sun shooting through leaves still holding green

October winds ushering out September breezes
as inside the cocoon 
this place is in metamorphosis 

Twenty degrees of heat will be lost by Saturday
clouds will cover sweater- bound citizens
and rain will wash under our boots

But today dry winds muss our hair and sun kisses our arms
And He smiles on us as

He changes us too.


  1. LOVE this. the metamorphosis he does in each of us... one day, to fly away to heaven... thank you friend. beautiful.

  2. First, Kara I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long. From the beginning of the month, from the last post Sara wrote in August, and the subsequent posts by her friends, I could read the handwriting on the wall. I've been thinking only of her, and reading only her blog. I'm sorry. You've been by, you know I was gone for good reason - I’m now just starting to get back to reading the blogs I heart – and I heart YOURS! And today my favorite phrases… Leaves holding green… Wind messing up our hair… And he changes us too. I want you to know that I smile at all through - and for the past month – smiles have been rare. so thank you for that. I've missed reading you. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Kara.

  3. delightful. i smile at the reading of His smile. and i join you in praise as He is changing of us too.