Monday, October 3, 2011

The reach that's not a reach

It's taken me a long time to get to 1,000 gifts.  Not because my counting is slow (though sometimes it is), but because I'm too often blinded and deafened to His goodness.... how really, really, good He is.

Perhaps some are gifted with the ability to see His wonders right down to the seemingly inconsequential, but I think for most it comes from training the brain to engage,  and the body to respond.

Last night, amongst dear brothers and sisters, my friend asked about rewards in heaven.  Some talked about jewels in crowns and such.  I don't know how all that works, so I didn't have a lot to add.  What I thought about is how I know His rewards from living in His kingdom now.  How can a crown filled with emeralds and rubies compete with knowing Him now?

His mercies are new every morning.  He recycles much goodness back to me, and my reach for counting up to 1,000?  It's taken me over a year, but it's been no reach.  He gives me that and more in a single day.

Gifts #982-1,001

using stuff you kept, but didn't think you would use again

stories from my sister of Holy Spirit moving and calling and using her in the process

a gas fireplace that can warm a cold morning
lit candles on dark, rainy nights

a brother not scared to share his heart
listening ears

soy milk creamer

watching my girl stroking and kicking down the lap lane
the look of her sweet gap-toothed smile and goggles
the way she takes initiative
how every weekday morning I wake to her next to me, because
her daddy put her there
like he's done since she was a babe
how things change
how some things don't

the way my boy kicks up his left leg before swinging
him getting a base hit
coming across home twice
how he tries twice as hard and is ten times more excited
the smile on his face that came from his heart

holy experience


  1. such joy at finding you here this Multitude Monday [:

    it seems out of place to hear you say:
    because I'm too often blinded and deafened to His goodness.... how really, really, good He is.

    i cannot even begin to imagine you with these words.
    you know. you know. and how often you remind me, as you have trained your brain to engage.
    and yes, it's so true, He gives us that and more in a single day :)

    you know i'm chuckling:
    using stuff you kept, but didn't think you would use again

    soy milk creamer - hmmmm? really?
    i wouldn't have guessed - - but i've never tried it {:

    oh, how i wish that i could see her strokes & goggles & the kick of his left leg just before the swing. however, i can see their smiles. it's all here in the reading of your gifts, & the images are dancing in my mind & my gratitude increases to loudest praise as i join you in the giving of thanks to our Father God. oh, His gracious, amazing love!

    I love you, Dear One,

  2. sorry I’ve been gone so long, you know what this month has been for me, you’ve been by, thank you for being so nice. Anyway, I congratulate you on 1000 – I may never get there – I'm so wordy with mine. But the counting – it does change us, doesn't it? And my favorite of your thank you's – all of those at the end about your baby playing baseball. I heart how a mama feels everything their baby does – and as he runs the bases – and crosses home – and kicks his leg up – you feel it all. You get to see parts of God's love that I will never see until I go home. But I do get to share – by the reading. Thank you – I might put that in my next thank you list. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Kara.