Monday, October 10, 2011

1,002 and counting

I am thankful for streams of consciousness that sift through the wrong to find the Right
I am thankful that as the Bride changes, her Husband never will.

I am thankful to wake in happy contentment from sweet dreams that echo my waking reality

I am thankful that one of my first stops this morning was here
I am thankful that she sees what I need to, 
and she helps me to see it too


  1. "streams of consciousness that sift through the wrong to find the Right"

    it's true, the processing and the finding. i'm continually learning that seekers really do find. and I'm so very thankful. ((and i'm curious, is there a story here?))

    oh, our God is so amazing. only He could orchestrate life so that dreams are as wonderful as 'waking reality'

    and i am blushing red because you love me so... and oh if i would just hold on to Truth.
    Lord, in your mercy may I too hold on to Your inerrant truth.

    I love you, Dear One.
    sweet -t-

  2. saying 'hi'...woohoo 1000 and counting and glad to pop in. trust you are well:} with love, abby:}

  3. Kara, I have never read a single post of yours that didn't leave me better, and leave me more full of HIM, I heart your words. And I'm thankful to have "blog" met you. I grow, and I learn to write better and better as I read people like you. I just wanted to say thank you Kara. And from your thank you list – first of all, I covet your thousand – I'm crawling my way there. Well done! Second, my favorite from this particular list– because it mirrors my desire – to have "sweet dreams that echo my waking reality' – that's beautiful – that's poetic – that's kind of my heart. God bless you Kara - you and each and every one of yours.

  4. Kara,

    missing you here today... and anticipating calling you soon!

    love you (more than you know :)

    sweet -t-