Monday, November 24, 2008

Moonshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

I'll start by explaining the title.   "Moonshine", aka Kirsten Jones came to Portland for a visit all the way from Charlotte, NC!  She has called me "Sunshine" for years and since one good turn deserves another, I needed to find a suitable moniker for her.  For those of you that know Kirsten, you understand that "Moonshine" fits the bill quite nicely.  While you are catching up on our visit, I have included the John Denver song that I often get serenaded with when I am blessed with a phone call from Mrs. Jones.  Welcome to our world.
She arrived on a rainy Thursday afternoon.  We brought her home, fed her some soup, introduced her to the neighbors (whose children she adores!), and put her down for a nap.  We later went to dinner at Baja Fresh, while the kids were in Awana.  Friday morning was leisurely and after some breakfast and Chai tea, we headed downtown via bus to meet Greg.  We spent the rest of the afternoon trudging up and down NW 23rd Ave, which is packed with cool, trendy stores and restaurants and interesting Portlanders.  We ate a good lunch at Rose's and later enjoyed gelatos and lattes while we slipped out of one store into another.  Kirsten and Sarah Grace got hand massages at some funky soap store.  The smell of the store was so strong Samuel couldn't stand it, but SG was right in her element!
Dark had fallen just after 5:00pm., so we caught our bus back home to Lake Oswego.  We picked up movies and had soup and sandwiches for dinner.  
Saturday we got an earlier start and headed for Multnomah Falls.  Kirsten, Greg and the kids went on the hike up to the top, while I stayed down in the restaurant and did some reading and knitting (I am recovering from some running injuries).  The day started out rainy (as you can tell by the pic), but the sun poked out a bit later when we were headed for Mt. Hood.  Kirsten enjoyed the hike, but in true Moonshine fashion, she got naughty and climbed over the fence onto a cliff at the top of the falls.  Greg got a picture of this as Samuel was making his way over the fence to join Kirsten on the cliff.  I can always count on her to set a good example.  sigh.  
I'm glad there wasn't a park ranger around.
Fortunately, the sun came out and it was around 40 degrees going up Mt. Hood to the Timberline Lodge.  If it had been much colder, I think we would have had trouble getting up even that far, as we did not have chains on the tires.  When we got to the lodge we looked around a bit and let the kids play for a few minutes in the snow.  We couldn't stay long, because we didn't have the proper gear and it was quite a bit colder once we got to the lodge.   Dinner was had at a Gustav's restaurant, back in Portland, that serves mostly German fare.  
Sunday morning we went to church and showed off our Southern friend.  Northwesterners are fascinated with Southerners.  It's kind of cute.  After church we lunched at Players and watched some football while the kids played.  The girls climbed into their beds for naps back at home, while the boys watched TV and played on the computer.  After a walk to the park with Sadie (our neighbor's lab), we went to dinner at the Corbett Fish House in Portland.  They have won various awards for their fish and chips and.....they are gluten free!  They use rice flour, so I can have almost everything on the menu!  It is a very fun, relaxed place with fishing stuff all over the walls and maps and whatnot.  The food is awesome too.  We can't wait to take Kayla and Jason (you guys will LOVE it!).  Anyway, it has been years since I have had fish n' chips and clam chowder soup.  It was a treat!
We hurried home to get the kids into bed and watch "24".  After that, Moonshine still wanted to par-tay, so we went out and got that Untraceable movie that I swore I would never see (I don't like torture scenes).  It actually was pretty cool, because it was filmed in Portland and a whole lot of what you see in the movie, we had just shown Kirsten. 
All in all we had a great time.  Our days were packed with non-stop excursions, but we relaxed at night and enjoyed each other's company as we read to the kids,  chatted and made fun of stuff on TV, movies, etc.  
This morning we bid her farewell at the airport.  We love you and we will miss you Moonshine.  Thank you for coming all the way out here and being our very first guest!  

Who's next?



  1. Yay!! Am so excited & greatful for you all and your wonderful visit! Looks and sounds terrific. Everyone needs a little Moonshine & yours came at the perfect time for the perfect visit :)
    Must admit wish I could be next but probably not... so it goes & it is what it is :} I'll continue enjoying the journey via tele calls & AFatEiFtW :]
    much love, many smiles and prayers for you & yours (& Moonshine too :)

    P.S. g'night

  2. Oh my little "Sunshine" family! It's "Moonshine" here....
    What a terrific time I had. I have to say I was spoiled rotten for the four days of my visit to Portland, Oregon. From the time I walked in the door, all my needs were met...I even got nightly tuck-ins with lots of hugs!
    Thank you for showing me all around. My first visit to the west coast lit a fire in me for more exploration of country I've yet to see. Most importantly, however, just being with those I love was what I'll cherish most.
    Hugs and kisses to you all. I look forward to visit #2 in the not too distant future!

  3. For Moonshine:

    We must be careful what we publish: "...lit a fire in me for more exploration of country I've yet to see." You are hereby officially welcomed to come to New Mexico anytime you wish. Just you, you and your hubby, or you all and your kids - any time! We'd love to introduce you to the Southwest. :-)

    Sounds like you guys had a blast. I know the NW Liechtys are glad you showered them with a visit. I am, too!!!



  4. P.S. Who took that picture of Mount Hood?! It is picture-perfect...should be a postcard.


  5. Thanks sweet Kayla! You are too kind! We may just take you up on that offer....
    Many blessings to you and yours this wonderful Christmas season.