Monday, September 20, 2010

The gifts #246-254

As my family and I seek to find our rhythm, as we have welcomed and bid farewell to many guests, as we have said 'yes' and are also learning how to say 'no',  as we learn what is too much and we see what is just we learn which reality to stretch our hope and strength, and faith around.....

I give thanks.

petting zoos

a child's discovery

the old man remembering his childhood

enduring friendship of these three....

                                                          and the memory of the one who has gone on...

the study of music

my little one's giving heart.... and that she wanted Grandma there

the odds and ends that make a life beautiful....

a heart that is heavy and full of hope....


  1. So wonderful to see you this Monday. I missed you.

    Your parents look wonderful, joyful; and not that it matters but i like the full facial hair :)

    SG & locks of love :)
    B loved the lego creations :)
    They want to know where was the wildlife?
    I want to know what are you looking up? looks kinda' like tree bark...

    a heart that is heavy and full of hope....
    hmmm. there's an echo there.

    I love you.

  2. I wish I coud've been there to hea rthe story from his childhood :)

  3. The wildlife was in Sequim, WA. Elk are a part of the natural habitat in the PNW, though this one was spotted on a wild-life ranch of sorts. He looked majestic standing on his hill.

    The story my dad remembered was how he used to drive a tractor just like the one in the picture on his uncles farm. Apparently it takes quite a bit of elbow grease to get one of those things started!

  4. I can see that you're enjoying our Creator through His creation: your sweet family and the breathtaking nature all around you. Thank you for sharing!!
    Miss you!

  5. 9/27 Missed you today.
    I look forward to your gifts when He gifts with you time for sharing :) Am so thankful for your heart that seeks His and keeps priorities as He would have them.

    I love you, Dear One :]