Thursday, May 5, 2011

California Adventures Part I

It's been awhile since I have blogged about the regular goings ons of the Liechty family!  We have been looking forward to our California vacation for a very long time.  As the rains in Oregon have continued steadily we surely have fallen short in the Vitamin D department, so our spirits AND bodies have been longing for some sunshine!

We arrived last Saturday in Long Beach and from there went directly to the American Girl store.

From there we enjoyed dinner with some of the California Liechtys.  It was a great time for Greg to reconnect and for me and the kids to make some new family connections.

On Sunday we met Greg's cousin, Jenny,  at the Santa Ana Zoo.  Jenny has worked there for ten years as a zookeeper responsible for several of the monkey exhibits for which the zoo is most well known for.  In fact, based on agreements originating years ago at the zoo's conception, the place must keep at least 50 monkeys on the premises at all times.
We had amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences feeding and spending time with many of the animals there behind-the-scenes.

and here is a pic of us on one of the elephants trained by the same people that trained the star elephant of the new movie:  Water for Elephants....
Our elephant was named Becky.... I guess the star of the movie no longer has to give rides at the zoo!

Here are some little lion-faced tamarin babies clinging to their mama.  They were just born that very morning!

Look at their little arms wrapped around mama....

Here is a Great Anteater and her baby that was born just this past Thursday!

After the zoo, we went on to meet another cousin, Beverly, and her family at Claim Jumper.  We enjoyed a lovely meal and visit.  We all did lots of sharing about our puppy-kids.... sure did make us miss Toby Doo! 

Well, that ends part I.  My next post will review a bit from our Disney experience.  We are having such a great time here!



  1. Thank you, Kara, for reminding me of your blog (I've been remiss to visit it this semester) and for letting me know of its current activity. Now that we're back from Florida and a performance tour in SW New Mexico, I'm enjoying catching up on life and, that my catching up includes catching up with some of the people I love and value most in life, my heart is full!

    I'm so glad Jenny could find time to meet with you all at her zoo!!! How wonderful you could have the star treatment behind the scenes! I know S and SG must have just loved that experience. The photo of you all (is that Jenny sandwiched in the middle?) on the elephant is priceless!

    Love you so much,


  2. Oh goodness... I put Sarah, not Jenny! Yes, it was Jenny... we had seen Sarah the night before at dinner... I will fix that in the post.
    We love that pic as well of the elephant and all of us. Jenny took such great care of us!


  3. Love it all :) Love you all :)

    I am so thankful you are sharing here - my imagination didn't do your zoo time justice :}

    Anticipation, excitement, happy!
    Looking forward to the next installment of California Adventures :]

    My prayers and love,