Monday, June 27, 2011

The gifts #780-799

With time and energy to just count....

summer's arrival
a clean house.... just 1/3 left to go!
promises kept
the making of habits
my three-day meal planning (because this I can do)
fresh flowers in vases
fresh paint
new rugs
summer air
a puppy sunning himself by the window
kids playing outside
showers each night
sunsets after nine
sleeping late
a boy and his book
a new baby growing (not mine)
a rosemary tree
the good humor of the mail carrier
figuring out what I like, and
being happy with that

holy experience


  1. Miss you, sweet Kara! So glad you're figuring out what you like and being happy with it! That is huge! So often we don't take time to consider that, much less be thankful for it! Thanks for the reminder! Love your list of simple, every-day joys! Love it!! Love you!! Love what He's doing in and through you!! :)

  2. oh what joy to read from you here again! it has been too long, Dear One.

    i smile my happiest smile as i read through your gifts - eucharisteo :)

    a rosemary tree - my imagination sees so many things.... i wonder is it in a container on your kitchen counter, a gift from a friend? is it on your balcony, left over from Christmas, and now enjoying the arrival of summer?

    oh, fresh flowers in a vase. as you know, a favorite of mine too. i wonder what kind. did you pick them up at the grocer or were they a gift from your beloved?

    figuring out what i like, and being happy with that. i know i sound like a commercial, but nonetheless i am sincere and it's true: priceless.

    my love & prayers & celebration of His goodness to you, Dear One.


  3. Kara, my favorite from your list by the way, was, "finding what I like and being happy with that" – that's brilliant – it's kind of inspiring. Second place goes to the children playing outside – something about the freedom, and fun of that part of childhood that's kind of magical – not to mention restful for mama when she needs a break. God bless you Kara, and each and every one of yours too.

  4. Kara, just want to let you know that I've been by to read your words – no hurry – I'll wait for new ones – I heart reading you. Hope all is well. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours!