Monday, June 4, 2012

Hard Eucharisteo

sometimes life is a pile of salt washed drift wood
and there is no order
or sense in it

and it's a mess

and sometimes you are like a tree
weathered, worn and broken
planted by still waters....
not so much

and sometimes, with sun obscure
you are standing in the grey
and there's not much left to do
but embrace the wood
of another kind of tree

sometimes that's just how it is

Counting with the community of the grateful:

~  understanding that knowing the truth and hurting is better than being the fool

~  finishing the little orange book
~  the admonition, blessing and encouragement we received from it

~  not knowing much, but knowing Him, and how that really is enough

~  the pain that comes from the loss of something that brought great joy

~  watching how one who is loved well, loves well
~  the healing that brings, like a balm on a burn

~  sending off dear ones
~  the adventurous journey ahead of them
~  the emptiness the leaving causes only because of the fullness their presence meant
~  how life was good with them
~  how they are gifts

~  how it's hard, but we are thankful, because who are we to say, 'it's bad', so
~  we count it as good


  1. What wonderful blessings...and such a beautiful post!

  2. beautiful.

    He is beautiful. His love is beautiful.

    you are beautiful.
    it is beautiful to sing His praise in the midst of the hard eucharisteo... your sincerity, your trust, your faith, your hope - beautiful.

    it could sound like a cliche', but it shouldn't when it IS truth: in this present darkness the Son is shining, ever so brightly in you.

    may you continute to feel His presence and know peace (yes, I hear Ann: Peace is a Person). my prayers are lifted up to our God.

    i love you, Dear One.

  3. Ah Kara. Taking some time this morning to sit here with you and give thanks. To give thanks in the hard times is a gift, a strength from the Lord. Thank you for living faith right here in this simple space where we can see it and be challenged and encouraged in our own living. Thank you friend.

    Praying with you this morning.

  4. Sweet sister, have so missed you! Catching up and was so blessed by your post. It is during the hard eucharisteo that we are closest to Him. Praying with you through it! Love you and yours!