Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why I love this man!

Today is my love's birthday!  He is 39 today.  Most people reading this blog know Greg pretty well.  Most of you have your own reasons for loving him.  Here are mine.

He loves my God.  He is a devoted follower of Christ.  I learn so much from him, and he inspires me to love Him better.  He serves our savior with a quiet determination.  His is not a flashy faithfulness but an ever consistent one. 
He loves people.  He enters easily into other people's lives.  He makes people happy.  He's such a good friend.  If you are his friend you are lucky,  and you probably know that he will always be there for you.  That's how he is.  He's the kind of guy you meet and later say to yourself, "That's the nicest guy!".  He smiles a lot and his smile is contagious.

He loves his family.  He's a mama's boy, did you know that?  It's true!  I tell all my girlfriends that marrying a mama's boy was a really good thing.  He knows how to treat a woman.   He knows that love and respect are flip sides of the same coin and he is generous with both.  He is fiercely devoted to his family which is very big, because it includes his family, my family and everyone else he is even remotely related to!  It even includes some people we are NOT technically related to but have somehow gotten absorbed into our family.  He is devoted to all those people.  He would never disown any family either.  It's not his way.  One of our children could totally go off the deep end, they may get into some unbelievable stuff one day (though we pray not),  and he will always love them.  They will always be his and he will never disown them.

He loves his children.  I know our kids are our family, so I seem redundant right now, but it's special with your very own kids.  He is an amazing father.  He is gentle and kind and when he loses his temper (like we all do), he is remorseful and tries not to do it again.  He's much better at that than me...yet another way he inspires me.  He builds his kids up.  He is always talking to them, teaching them things.  They respect him, and they love him so much.  They still scream "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" when he walks through the door.  They love being with him.  He is very protective of our relationship with our kids.  He is my biggest supporter in our homeschooling them.  While I do the teaching, he is always reinforcing what they are learning.  He is always encouraging me in my mothering and schooling the kids. 
He loves me.  He has pursued me since the day that I met him.  I can be so difficult and so unlovely at times and he still pursues me.  He reminds me, often, of the lavish way the Lord loves me.  No one else reminds me of this the way that he does.  No one else even comes close.  I didn't love him when I first met him, but it wasn't long before I somehow knew that I would...and then it wasn't long after that and I did.  I still feel like there are places to go with our love.  It's still growing, changing and deepening.  I know him better than anyone else on the planet, but I don't know him fully.  There is always more to him and I am really enjoying getting to know him! 
He doesn't let me get by with stuff.  He holds me accountable, and he looks for me to do the same for him.  We are partners.  We're doing this thing together.  He has never once lost sight of that.  That's a big deal, because a lot of times in a marriage one spouse will want everything to be all about know, like centered around them.  I've been like that before, but Greg never has.  Really, he never has.
He gives me more ice cream.  If one of us is going to have 'more' of something, it's always going to be me, because he makes sure of it.  He's always been this way.

There is a lot about him that is really cool.  He plays soccer and tennis and basketball and well just about any sport he can.  He doesn't obsess over any of them though.  He loves the Jaguars.  He's pretty conservative politically, but he gives everyone a fair shot and he doesn't obsess about any of that either.  He's so reasonable.  He's just got so much common sense.  He is really refreshingly smart.  Actually, he's really, really smart but a lot of people don't always know how incredibly smart he is cause he doesn't show off.   And my goodness!  Do you see how cute he is!?

I could go on.  I definitely could, but I know I should stop here and give my readers a chance to ponder my hubby's greatness all on their own!  Seriously, if you are reading this, leave a comment and give him a nod on his birthday.

Happy birthday baby!  I love you!


  1. Greg:
    Happy Birthday & I hope those west-coast crunchy granola types there in Oregon treat you well on this special day. Congratulations on making it to 29!
    Bill Stevens

  2. Hello, unk!
    Happy flipping birthday! I hope that it's a blast. I'll try to write something a little more profound than your average "happy birthday", just because I love you that much. Here it goes: May the memories of this days festivities continue to warm your heart well into your next year!
    With love,
    PS: Kara did not put me up to this. I swear. ;)

  3. "Why I love this man" was an amazing tribute from Kara. I enjoyed reading it very much and it inspired me. Greg and Kara, you are both blessed beyond measure and I am truly blessed to call you my friends. Happy birthday Greg.

  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your day is special!!! We miss you here in Matthews but we are sooooo lucky we had the chance to get to know you - Kara is right, "he is just the nicest guy!" Enjoy your day!!
    Bonnie :)

  5. Greg:

    Hope you have an awesome birthday today. May the Lord continue to bless you with many more to come. We miss you all bunches.

    God Bless

    PS: GO GATORS :)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG!!! We hope you have a wonderful day. We miss having you all close but trust that you are right where you need to be and that we will certainly see you again.

    Take care and have a great day!!

    Anna and David

  7. Happy Birthday Greg! It was great to see you on Sunday. We miss you all so much.

    Renee Hammond

  8. Greg:
    Happy, Happy Birthday, my brother in Christ. I hope you have a wonderful day! And, take a moment to reflect on the truths from Psalm 139:13-16 as you consider God' involvement in your life from before you were born!

    I appreciate your life and thank God for you. Except for one thing!
    You still haven't come over from the "dark" side of being a Jags fan to the "light" of being a Panthers' fan!!!! (BIG smile!)

    Love in Christ,
    Paul (& Marilyn)

  9. Happy Birthday Greg,
    I hope you have a great birthday. It was great to see you last weekend.


  10. Greg,
    I think Kara just gave you the best present you could ever have by saying such wonderful things about you which I am sure are true. I know you are a good guy, great Dad, devoted Husband. I have witnessed this all. Julianna also holds you in the highest regard. You have yourself a great day and enjoy the last year of the thirties. The forties are coming up fast.
    Elaine and Julianna

  11. Happy Birthday, Greg! We love you so very much and pray you feel our love across the miles. Enjoy this most perfect birthday year - 39 (our favorite number and it's square)!

    You are a blessing in my life - the greatest brother with whom God could ever have blessed me (Kayla). Jason says "ditto" - to your being the best possible brother for me, and for being such a blessing to him as a real brother could be.

    Much love,

    Kayla and Jason

  12. Greg-
    Happy happy birthday Old friend(heehee). I hope you have a wonderful, joy filled day that last through out the year. WOW-39-really? Greg, what a testiment of your obivious love for God by the words of your wife. I hope you both enjoy this day of celebration. Happy Birthday.

    Friends Forever, Heather

  13. G-
    Happy Birthday big'n! Good move on keeping the beard, it'll make the transition much easier for the West Coasters. Your always thinking.. I hope all is well in OR! Talk soon.
    Travis M

  14. Happy Happy Birthday Greg! Every word Kara says is true! Take it in and be proud of every one of those 39 years. They have made you the great man you are today! Today is all about you so enjoy it and make some of those fond memories which last forever....

    Sandy, Mike, Morgan, Travis and Michaela

  15. Have a great year, Greg--your last before hitting the big 4-0.

    As I was writing this, a memory popped in my head of what a wonderful gift giver you are--remember the year you gave me the Backstreet Boys poster? What a guy!

    So I hope this year you are gifted with plenty of laughter and warmth!

    Mark S

  16. Greg, what a tribute. Hope you have a real special day, Being out west we hope to see you guys some. Much better than the east! Sounds like your settling nicely in L.O.

    Michael & Dorene L.

  17. Happy Birthday Greg!

    Enjoy your lastttttt yearrrr of your thirties! Now is when you start counting backwards. Ha! Kara is right. You are a nice guy. Have fun on your special day. Did you really keep the beard? Cool beans.

    PS: Kara, I enjoy your writing. You must take after our mother.

    From your favorite sister-in-law,

  18. Ruf- ruff- rufff- ruf- ruf- ruf

  19. Happy Birthday, Greg!
    We miss you and your family back here in the East. That's a wonderful post that Kara put up about must really be walking with Christ for her to say all of that! Keep on keepin' on, and may the Lord bless your family, your work, your ministry.


  20. I hope that it wasn't something I said that made you pack up and move all the way across the country!! Or, were you getting us back for ditching you in Jax? :)

    You know that there are people that will be in your life, for better or worse, and you just can't avoid them? Well, I think that's going to be the case with us.....of course, you got the raw end of that deal! But seriously, we're really so glad that we have you two as our friends - we miss you!


    P.S. Hope you enjoy being 39 - I hear it's the best 6 years of your life!

  21. Happy Birthday Greg, Congratulations on tricking Kara into liking you (she was always so gullible) But I'm glad you did. Everything she says about you is true except for the cute part. Hope y'all are settling into your Oregon abode (not so much that you become a Seahawks fan) We hope to see you soon --
    Bruce and Family

  22. Greg,
    We can't think of anything that could adequately add to the previous statements written about you. So, we would just like to say that you are and always have been a wonderful, wonderful son-in-law. We could not have picked a better guy to be the husband of our wonderful daughter and father of our precious grandbabies.
    Hope this birthday is as extra special as you are!

    Mom and Dad

  23. Happy Birthday, Greg! Hope you have a blessed year!


  24. Daddy,
    I love you. Happy Birthday. I hope you have fun on your birthday. I love it when you're home with us. I like watching your soccer games. I like cuddling with you a lot. I hope you're having a fun time at work.

    Sarah Grace

    I love you, Daddy!

  25. This is why my daddy is special:
    1. He comes in my room almost every night.
    2. He plays with me!
    3. He goes on lots of walks with me!
    4. He lets me go to the store with him.
    5. He plays me and KJ and Andre and Sarah Grace and Marissa.
    6. He always knows fun games to play.
    7. When we go to the store He some times lets us go to the toy store to look at the toys
    8. He takes us to the river beach sometimes.
    9. He makes us laugh a lot.
    10. Happy birthday Daddy!

    I love you,

  26. Greg - Don't let a pool table fall out of a tree and hit you on the head.... we want you to make it to 40.
    ps: Happy Birthday to my favorite FlatLeaver!

  27. Happy Birthday Greg! We are so lucky to have you as our NEW NEIGHBOR. What an amazing testament Kara wrote about you. May God continue to bless you in the coming year.

    Miguel and Colleen

  28. Happy 39th Birthday, Greg! Our "Gregory the Great" was born Thursday evening, October 9, 1969, at 11:45 pm, at Baptist Hospital, Pensacola, FL. We are thrilled to wish you, "Happy Birthday, Greg"! God has blessed us through you, and we love you more today than we did yesterday, but not as much as we will tomorrow...Mom and Dad Liechty

  29. Greg!
    Happy birthday!

    Hope you have a great day, and I must say that
    all Kara said about you is true. You're a great
    guy, and we miss you!

    Brett, Julie, Adam, and Nathan

  30. Happy Birthday Greg! I hope you have a wonderful day & can really reflect on the way you have touched so many peoples lives as Kara mentions in her amazing tribute to you! What an inspiration you have been & will continue to be to so many people as you demonstrate Christ's love in all you do.
    Happy Birthday - Kelly Gott

  31. Happy Birthday to you, cha-cha-cha! I am so glad we were able to get some quick time while you were here to celebrate together..You didn't look a day older than 38 with that polka-dot birthday hat on! Ha!
    We love you and wish you many more....but to tell the truth, we hope you're back in Charlotte before your next one!

  32. KARA! (my little sunshine)
    I MISS YOU! Here is a huge hug sent your way......

    and know...
    I love you bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches............................


  33. Greeeeeeeggggggggggg!

    Just checkin. I would not title my post "Why I love this man!" That wouldn't sound right. TNWYMS.

    I am blessed to have a friend like a brother. Happy Birthday!


  34. Hey Greg,

    Happy Birthday! Hope you, Kara and the kids are doing well. It was nice seeing you last week.

    Chris Raab

  35. Happy late birthday Uncle Greg! Hope it was a good one!


  36. Thanks everyone! That was one uniquely great birthday gift.