Monday, December 6, 2010

Counting 434-467

My counting is inadequate.  It doesn't begin to define His grace and mercy and lovingkindness.

But it's good for me, and I hope it blesses Him.

friends that know you are there for them

an amazing story of God's grace in saving a marriage, and a soul

a freezer full of grass-fed, organic beef

a glass of wine and a late night spent with my love

him pulling me close in church

the grace given me from Him, and him and him and her

that our puppy didn't get sick after eating a whole stick of butter, wrapper and all

reuniting with my beautiful persian friend

making friends with a Dutch girl, and

having a Christmas guest

my god daughter praising Him

her sharing that with me

the promise of my oatmeal with apples and cinnamon

that on this cold, blustery day I have

the pup
warm clothes
a stove and oven
gas in the car
glasses with which to see
books to learn from
pencils and paper

and us....
my love and me
we and the kids
my friends and I
the gratitude community


  1. I love your list of thanks!

    Thank you for sharing... and it DOES bless Him whom you serve, and love, and live for!


  2. you are so sweet...i feel your heart and love it is truly beautiful as is He who is all Beauty and shines through you...

    be blessed bloggy friend:)

  3. it blesses Him :)
    you bless me :)

    i'm thankful for you. for your counting. for the glimpse into your every days :)

    i am smiling. intrigued. praising. agreeing. wondering. remebering. longing. content. blessed.

    love you,

  4. I love the blessings you count! You serve Him well, my sister! You list exudes such intimacy and joy! Everytime I read your list I see great images of you and yours experiencing abundant life and giving thanks to The One that makes that possible! Love you!