Monday, December 27, 2010

Counting 468-484

I had to chuckle yesterday.  At us.  It occurred  to me,  people are funny.  As smart as some of us are, we are still so very feeble minded.
How many times do we get the wrong answer on the test?
Take a wrong turn?
Miscommunicate with our words what our heads are thinking so clearly?

Often we can see a bookishly smart person who is socially inept or vice versa.

Yes, we are feeble minded, no matter the IQ.

And yet in all our creating and figuring and measuring and thinking and analyzing we can fool ourselves into thinking we are starting to figure IT out.

But I think she is asking a great question today.

How are you and the King enjoying each other today?

A question even the most simple of us can ponder.

Let me count some blessings,

a quiet house

the company of a sweet dutch girl
her sharing
me learning

comfort food
that I got to make it

children's cold medicine
snuggling in early morning hours with my girl

dog groomers

giving hearts

despite our best efforts... too many presents
realizing the blessing in that, and
making peace with it

Jesus, our Most Special Gift
being at peace with Him

1 comment:

  1. oh how thankful i am for your gratitude list. a way for me to share in your days across the miles - thank you :)

    am glad that this feeble minded girl :) posed a question that remembers you to echoes of that Piper book you introduced me to all those years ago on your porch in Matthews, remember?

    i look forward to the time when we will share one with another the memories of this season... until then my Dearest, may His blessings continue to abound!

    my prayers that children's cold medicine is soon a thing of the past & everyone is enjoying cold free days :}

    and i rest here with you, a cup of warm tea in hand:

    Jesus, our Most Special Gift
    being at peace with Him

    i love you, Dear One.