Monday, August 1, 2011

Where, Oh Where, Has My Gratitude Gone...

Hello.  My name is Kara and I have misplaced my gratitude for over a month now.  Sure, I've seen it peeking at me from around corners and smiling at me from under tables, but I have failed to catch it and spend some quality time with it.
Just today, I have managed to stealthily snatch it up and turn it upside down, shaking bits and pieces of remembered thankfulness from it's gleeful grip.

This is what we got:

puppy love of the cutest variety!

Sunshine and Moonshine forever friends

Can you believe this man is all mine?  Pinch me!

A basket for her bike.

knock-knock jokes between present opening at Christmas in July

summer hikes with the fam

the love of a good woman measured out

having the fastest go-kart

two favorite, simply beautiful people in my life:
sister and mother in love

some good, wet fun!

family dinners

goofy girls

sister love

cousins, my how they grow!

there's a baar in thaar!

Appalachian countryside

the joy of visiting friends

sidewalk lunching downtown

two favorite creatures.... and the sun!

smelling the roses

really tall trees (and really short girls!) ;>

cool, shady, curvy paths

naughtiness that's kinda cute


fun in the surf

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating.  Look at where I live!  Look at who I love!  

I'm a blessed woman indeed!

holy experience


  1. wonderful!!

    i am so loving scrolling through again & again. just can't get enough of the joy & beauty.

    your family is beautiful, your world is wonderful, your gratitude is amazing! oh how blessed you are, Dear One.
    how blessed we are!

    my heart swells with praise & gratitude as you share yours here :)

    Much love & many, many smiles :]

  2. Nice to meet you! Thank you for leaving a comment on my site. I loved all of your precious photos! What a fabulous way to show gratitude - all those wonderful family memories and beautiful landscapes. Gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing all of it!

  3. Indeed. Thanks for sharing your blessings in pictures. :-)

  4. Thanks, sweet sister, for the reminder to check your blog (I need reminders like these, as I rarely check blogs)! I SO enjoyed your pictures. My heart had many responses to these pictures: 1) Although I love the pictures from TN because they bring back sweet memories, I love even more the pictures I know nothing of because they teach me something new about the Oregon Liechtys I love. Most especially, they teach me that God is faithful to provide others to lavishly love said Liechtys - it is not only not all MY responsibility, but God blesses you AND others through their loving of you, and it is necessary, good and pleasing to Him, 2) While your intentions were what they were in the photo captioned "this man being all yours, yadda, yadda," I (sadly) must admit that I was most captivated by what was on his plate - and I must know - what IS that good-looking plate of food?! ;-), 3) Is that pizza GF (I would imagine so)?, 4) Not sure if it was intended, but the tall tree/short girl pic followed by the girl with the short, curvy, shaded path pic immediately brought to mind the God-ordained blessing of Kirsten - that she is, indeed, short of stature yet tall in spirit/wisdom, all the while being beautifully endowed by our Heavenly Father with the most beautiful of curves that so beautifully accentuate the curves of the path you photo'd - ahh, nice juxtaposition of these things!, 5) And, finally, I have to say this (and hope it's OK that I do): I remember a young woman who was frightened, unhappy at times and somewhat questioning of why the Lord would send her so far from the places of her childhood, early years of marriage, and child-rearing - from the Bible belt, her church she loved so dearly, her cozy cul-de-sac, and everything comfortable about FL and NC, including sweet tea. Why Oregon? Why someplace cloudy, liberal-leaning, and, well, different. It warms my heart most of all to see your pictures illuminate what your life now does. You have made friends in and with Oregon, you've made a home there, and God has revealed not only His purpose in sending you there (thanks to your faithfulness to follow) but also revealed situations (many difficult and with messy or unknown edges) that have caused you to grow in faith and continue to lean on His understanding rather than your own. Your children are growing in discovering their talents and aptitudes in this place called Oregon, all the while practicing things like meeting the needs of a homeless girl when no one else notices her (and, yes, in so doing, teaching you and yours and me and mine), inviting friends to Bible camps, and sharing Jesus with others. You have made new friends, yet dearly keep the "old," and that takes grace and work. You do it gracefully, Kara. I see you happy in Oregon, and it causes me to thank the Lord for His faithul care of you and for answering my (and others') prayers for you to come to love Oregon and, more importnatly, find God's purpose for you there. This blog post is a huge blessing!!! Thank you!!!

    Love always,


    P.S. Your hair is LOVELY in these pictures - and so straight!!! Have you had it straightened since TN?!

  5. Kayla,
    First of all, I do not remember what Greg had... but he said it was yummy, although a bit too saturated with soy sauce. I had this really amazing fried rice that had just the most interesting and neat combo of stuff in it. I love fried rice, and this was a special treat! Before my rice, I had seaweed salad... yummy!

    Secondly, yes, the pizza was GF! And great! Again, what a treat to order a GF pizza from a regular pizza joint and have it be delish!

    You are not the first person to point out the fittingness of the pics with Kirsten (tall trees/curvy path). One of my favorite pics of her (all time!) is the one on that path, because of the very things you pointed out. And while I didn't plan the pics to be that way, per se, once I labeled them, it was just SO right!
    As for the girl who wouldn't like Oregon... yeah, that was me. I now see there were other good reasons for me to be here (aside from the obvious). There were things I used to cling to, that I didn't need to. There's been healing and growth that maybe wouldn't have happened in my old stomping grounds. I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I've gained wisdom, strength and courage that I had not realized I was lacking before. I'm not ashamed that I was lacking it..... but that I didn't KNOW I was! Duh!

    God has used this place and the people here to open my eyes to a lot of things. I am grateful for the home and friendships we have here. My children are thriving here and I have a happy hubby. I have no complaints! Well, OK... the rain CAN get to me a bit, but it being summer and all, that's just a memory at present! ;>

    As for the hair, I had straightened it in some of the pics. When I straighten it in Oregon, it is very, very straight. One would never know it's naturally curly. Consequently, it doesn't curl quite as nicely here when I wear it natural. Oh well. :)

    Love you sweet sister! Thanks for looking!

  6. still enjoying this gratitude! beautiful & it is fun to see places here that i have now seen 'live & in color'

    what beautiful family you have, beautiful woman!