Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet Sarah Grace, Age 10

Ten years ago today, I birthed this beautiful girl into the world.
She lights up a room with her nose- crinkling, freckle-faced smile and auburn hair.
She's grown out of her pudginess and no longer looks down upon her peers.
She's small in stature, but a scrapper none-the-less.  
She likes to dress like a twin to her best friend, string beads, make sketches and any other art she can figure.
She writes praise songs, poems and stories.
She sometimes tries to sneak out of the house with eye shadow on.
She loves putting an outfit together.
She doesn't brush her hair everyday.
She's calls her daddy "Daddy-O" and "Daddy-Doo".
Sometimes she misspells her brother's name.
She has a heart for neighborhood missions.
She likes all kinds of music.
She climbs trees, kisses her puppy, digs up worms and bugs (and names them), and has to wash her feet when she comes in from outside.
She likes playing basketball and softball and swimming.
She wants to be a pitcher.
She likes looking after little kids.
She named her Venus Fly Trap Petey, and planted her ladybug house in the rose garden.
She buried her deceased Praying Mantis, P-Man, in her brother's potted dwarf spruce.
She's funny and does great British and Texan accents.
She wants to learn to sew and open an Etsy store with her BFF.
She wants to raise chickens and goats and have fruit trees.
She wants a little brother or sister.
She's touchy-feel-y.
She cries when one of her bugs die.
She's not an open book.
She is easy to be with.
She's girlie, but not prissy.
Blue is her favorite color.
She doesn't care if she has to use  boys' stuff or second-hand.
She's not particular.
She's a good eater.
She likes to cook.
She sleeps with mama most mornings.
She's right brained.
She makes great art and does math slow.
She's a whole lot wrapped up in a little package.
Today she is ten.

Happy Birthday Peachy Peach!

And counting my blessings with Ann and the others:

a fantabulous weekend of warm weather and sunny blue skies
an equally beautiful day for Peachy's B-day
having lunch with friends in the warm open air
dreams of summer expeditions
Toby acting like a good dog
how sickness makes you slow down
a yummy meal from a sweet, precious friend
yard work with my love
a slice of raspberry vanilla cake specially delivered to my kitchen by a sweet little baker-girl
the upcoming garage sale that will make the dream of purging a reality
the friend that went to the trouble to arrange it
stories from my nine year old that now is ten
the non-stop chatter of my sweet boy
hearing my sisters voice on the other end of the line


  1. a face splitting smile and a thank-full sigh of joy and love for sweet Sarah Grace.

    happy birthday Sarah Grace. we love you -- every little detail that makes you the wonderful, beautiful shining star in this great big universe that you are!

    wish we were there to sing in person, to go for a walk and to catch bugs {:

    happy birthday! we love you,
    aislyn, benjamin, uncle jimmy and aunt tobitha

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah Grace!!!! You may not remember me. I have watched you grow up, sometimes from afar! But am so grateful to know you and your family! You have ALWAYS lit up a room and shared your joy for living with those around you.

    I know 10 will be an AWESOME year! Welcome to double digits!! :)


  3. Happy Birthday Sarah!! Hope that you are having a good day! God Bless you. Love,

  4. Samuel G. LiechtyApril 23, 2012 at 2:21 PM

    Happy birthday S.G.! I hope you enjoy your special day. You are not a little kid anymore, you are now double digits (10)

    Love you, Samuel!

  5. hI Sara gras tank yu for being such a grate owner. todae yu be ten. and yu ar ah speshal person luv yu Toby!

  6. Dear Sarah Grace:
    We hope you had a SUPER birthday! Hope you got our email to you- we've thought of you often today!
    Paul & Marilyn

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah Grace!! You are a special girl!

    Love Uncle Dale

  8. Dearest Sarah Grace! Oh how we love you!!! I love the memories we've shared with you. My times in the kitchen with you and the sweet friend you are to our Kylene and Brandon, your heart for others and the amazing young girl who is so comfortable in her own skin. Love it!!!
    Hope you have had a great day!!! Have fun this evening with your family.
    Love, Mr. and Mrs. Harold, Kylene, Brandon

    Deer sarah grace...thank you for being my puppy friend and being my first visitor and for all the gifts you have given me... especially FOOD. Happy Burthday from Izzy:-)

  9. Happy Birthday Sarah Grace! You're zeroteen now!You only have another 364 days left to be ten, so have fun and smash more cream cheese!

  10. Sarah Grace, our sweet angel face, has turned 10 years old today. Anyone as sweet as she, we say, should have this day declared a holiday!

    Sarah Grace fills our lives with love - she smiles, and her face is aglow. The joy she brings to each of us blesses us more than you know!!

    Happy Birthday, Sarah Grace! We love you...Grammy and GrandDad

  11. Sarah Grace. I loved reading all about what makes you "tick". Some stuff I knew and some I learned today. You are my sweet little niece. Happy 10th birthday!!!!

    Love Aunt Kay

  12. Happy birthday sarah grace. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    -love you lots, Marisa

    Happy birthday Sarah Grace!!! It has been a pleasure to watch you grow into a beautiful young lady. Thank you for your friendship with Marisa. You have truly been a blessing to our family. We love you.
    -Miguel and Colleen

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday Sarah Grace!! We're so glad you've become like part of our family. You're a very special girl. Happy big 10!!

    Ricky, Annie, Hannah, Niah and Charlie too

  14. happy b-day Sarah Gracie boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You got your ears pierced. I'm so excited.

    Your bfftaflad,


  15. Dear Sarah Grace,

    I'm a late night e-mailer, and my attempt to squish a lot into a very few Cinderella type minutes before the clock struck midnight, adding a day to your Double D. milestone, made for a huge OOPS moment involving the delete key! So, Take II, for you to have first thing in your new 10-plus-a-day morning!

    Never have I met anyone who is more spot on the epitome of her beautiful name, a still-water-runs-deep child whose smile says more than a thousand words ever could. I think God created you to be a true blue friend to everyone on two legs, and EVERYTHING on 4 (or more legs come to think of it)! If your lovely mother had been writing about you on paper, I would still be turning the pages and reading, and that is extraordinary when one is 10 years and one day old! I think when people who truly know you say the word, "treasure" you are the first child they see in their heart when they say it. I hope your birthday was full of blue things, a bucket of hugs, pictures, and more happiness than you bring to others each and every day!

    Blessings galore!

    Mary Adams

  16. Happy Birthday!. Kara she's beautiful and looks just like you!
    wish you were closer, she and Madison would be greast friends! Hope you have a wonderful year, and now that you're double didgits..maybe mom will let you wear eyeshadow!~

  17. Dear Sarah Grace
    Happy Birthday to a favorite piano student!!
    I enjoyed reading all about you and the people and things that you love.
    Did Samuel play Birthday Morning for you??
    I know that your big day was fantastic.
    Mrs. Waites

  18. Sarah Grace - Happy birthday a day late! You're worth celebrating every day!! Keep your sweet smile and your fun spirit! Praying that you experience a year full of adventure, joy, peace and too many blessings to count!

    Kara - loved the words you shared about your sweet princess! What a gift you gave her with your words. I'm reminded of Ann's sentiment of "only speak words that make souls stronger." I know you did that! Thanks for living it out! Miss you!

  19. Happy belated birthday, Sarah Grace! We love you and miss seeing your sweet smile in person. It's hard to believe the little girl who lived here is now 10. I'm glad that despite being a few years older, you haven't lost your Sarah-Graceness. :-)

    Ms. Julie (and Mr. Brett, Adam and Nathan)

  20. sg,

    your ak and uj <3 you more than the ladybugs you recently released, the hairs on your head and the stars in the sky, but not even a drop in the bucket as much as Jesus loves you. to know that you love Him and share that love with others blesses us. we can't wait to touch/smell/see/hear you next month! we love you, we love you, and (guess what?) we can't get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get enough of YOU!


    With abounding love - ours and His,