Monday, April 9, 2012

When I Want to Break Away

There is a restlessness around here.  I hate it because it's the antithesis of contentment.  Contentment with godliness is great gain.... I believe it.  I know it to be true.  But what do you do when it slips from your grasp?

Two things I do.  Remember I am not made for this world.  It cannot satisfy my longings.  It will never be enough.  Grasping for more of it does not get me closer to any arrival.  In Kingdom speak:  this is not my home.  I'm here on assignment and I'm a gypsy.  To try to shed my cloak of otherworldly oddity would not only be futile, but very disappointing.   Because, underneath the cloak, I'm still a gypsy.  This place doesn't have what I'm looking for.  No need to pretend it does.

But then, sometimes it does have what I am looking for.  When I look for Him, I can find Him.  Even here.
He is here.  He is here on assignment, too.  I'm part of His clan, and He gives His own special powers.... yes supernaturally special powers.  And so the second thing I do in my restlessness?

By His power I see, hear, taste and know.

Ears to hear and eyes to see--both are gifts from the LORD.
Proverbs 20:12

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Psalm 34:8A

and    more counting:
Good Friday worship
all in black...
falling out of sight, out of notice
for the cross set before us
with roses red
hammered violent into the rough wood
like the Rose of Sharon
and there we received
body and blood
and we remembered
as the hammer fell, 
we remembered
so we will not forget

warmth out-of-doors
sun on skin
shoulders dropping
short sleeves
kids playing... really playing 
a screen-less day

home-made chili and cornbread made by 9 year old hands
Coach Ally at dinner, because
the boy and girl invited her to come
and she did

sharing Easter lunch at Famous Dave's with friends
congregating at a park with friends, kids and dogs
friendly chats with strangers

sitting at table communing with good friends
'leftover friends':  friends you can eat left-overs with
sharing troubles, thoughts, dreams and possibilities

cross and candle put away
but not forgotten
yellow tulips on the table
the boy baking brownies
living resurrection life
because we can
because He did.

He is Risen Indeed!


  1. how i can identify with 'wanting to break away'. you speak to my heart and i am gently, lovingly reminded of this Sacred echo: He is enough. more than enough. i Praise Him!

    such beautiful gifts. such beautiful counting by a woman whose beauty exceeds most (you've learned His great truth in this: in embodying God's definition of beauty, with your eyes on Him alone, supernaturally, all beauty also multiplies - physical beauty too :).

    my heart bubbles up with gratitude for you and for His many, many gifts to us. my cup overflows.

    i love you much,
    thankful (yet tired) -t-

  2. My sweet sister, I miss you so much!! Although, your list does make you feel closer! Thank you for sharing life as it is in our gypsy garb and all! I'm reminded of Steven Curtis Chapman's new song, "Long Way Home" because it is and yet you (and we) are thankful along the journey. That's His beauty shining through. Love your loves activities - taking risks and adventures at every turn - living love out loud. They have good examples! Love you!

  3. I'm a week late – but SO good to read these words – we ARE in his clan – and HE IS here on assignment with us. We are not alone, we are never alone, we have the Creator of all things IN us, and we belong to him, and he belongs to us. If I take the time to breathe him in - I can. If I take the time to say thank you, my life is better. If I'm just still, and know that HE is God, life is best. I'm glad YOU were reminded of these things – so that way you could remind me. Thank you. And from your thank you list – my favorite was cornbread by nine-year-old hands – that made me smile. God bless you, Kara, and God bless and keep each and every one of yours.