Monday, January 31, 2011

Blessings to the East

Today, I am recording a few blessings, gifts as I sit now on the right side of things
(as opposed to the left! ;>)

#'s  520-536

Safe flights
Ibuprofen and the power of God-blessed prayer for ear pain
calm, Florida winter weather

a husband that runs out the middle of the night for cold medicine
mother-in-love's home cooking

red velvet cake that I can eat

the way she shares stories

the sun and shade variegated river frontage
the sound of the owl hooting
the waters lapping
the driftwood I sit on

being alone with my thoughts, but not
because He was there too

Him telling me how some of the things I think that are big, and matter a whole lot,
but that if they matter to me,
that's OK too.

holy experience


  1. praising Him with you and
    sharing your joys and
    counting your blessings and joining in the prayers for positive health and
    hoping that big and small meet in Him where comfort and peace overflow and
    thankful for a mother-in-love who makes your favorite red velvet and
    imagining the grand stories and
    praying that today and tomorrow are full of fun and happy and love and

    (selfishly) anticipating Wednesday ;}

  2. Sister, so hopeful and prayerful that good health will be on the way soon! Oh how your husband loves you! Oh how your family loves you! Oh how your friends and sisters love you! You are a blessing and I love the gifts you share! Refreshing practice! Beautiful!

  3. sorry you are sick...glad you are here, in Florida, b/c that's where I welcome:) it's sweet to think of you physically closer, blog friend:)

    trust you get better soon...and a sweet list and yes, special hubbies...:):):)