Monday, January 3, 2011

Multitude Monday in 2011 Gifts#485- 498

Here I am, in my sunny kitchen,  sipping my coffee, listening to the sounds of my kiddos bundling up to take the pup for his walk.  Sunshine is kissing the eastern face of the western hills and life is happening down below.
Life is not perfect.  We or someone we love is struggling with health, learning difficulty, job loss, depression, exceedingly expensive home repair, single parenting, middle school, uncertainty of the future and I could go on.   But there is beauty in the here too.  Beauty, grace, forgiveness, love, mercy, power.

So I count.....

Kids on Christmas

A new friend from far away (Holland)

Puppy rain gear

warm beds

a brother I've never met praying for me

a husband who can fix a  computer

the beauty of numbers

that God speaks our language

funny birthday cards that sing

the sister who sends them

good friends

fancy dinners that I don't cook

the view from our kitchen at sunset

His mercy is new each morning


  1. What an incredible view of the sunset!

    Joy & blessings,

  2. beautiful... just like you :)

    love you more than words - like D & J!


  3. Beautiful! (and the rain gear is ADORABLE!)

    So happy to find your blog today!

  4. Love the list, as usual!! Sunsets are just like sunrises in my book - beautiful!! Love the view! Thank you for being you!

  5. i know you're counting, it's who you are... a woman of gratitude and grace, eloquent and beautiful... practicing the very things that mean anything, that mean everything.

    i am missing you, Dear One :}

    much love,

  6. i agree with -t- sending you thoughts and love...missing you on here, friend:)

  7. You won the prayer art. :) Please email me at sarahmae (at) likeawarmcupofcoffee (dot) com with subject WINNER. Thanks! :)