Monday, January 24, 2011

The Multitude of Gifts: 499-519

Sometimes I am silent here, but I am counting in my heart and in the life He gives me to live.

So thankful for:

my boy's mind stretching, now beyond things I can teach.....
the delightful music he makes
his way of speaking truth plainly

my little girl, still being my "little" girl
her passion for life
how she takes such joy in life's simplest pleasures and everyday tasks

that He has given me enough wisdom to know I can learn a lot from them

a story of God's faithfulness in great darkness

the humility of others that remind me, too, of my own deep need for Grace

friends to keep puppy and teach sunday school and watch the house while we are away

that there is warmth and sun on the other side of the country

that I will be there, God willing, soon

that those who love us make a place for us, and

we will break bread together

that friends stop by because they want to

the dutch girl that likes to play board games

the smiles and laughter while she is here

a mother that loves me as only a mother can

my dear friend becoming "Mom" to someone who really needed a mom

watching the Lord do his work in her

how it's beautiful

holy experience


  1. so good to hear your voice hear again :)

    i am so excited to share in the joys of togetherness and seeing and hearing how his mind is stretching, how his fingers talentedly play, his truth spoken plainly... and humbly smiling at her passion and joy in the simplest pleasures and everyday tasks!! i'm so excited!

    and isn't amazing the lessons He has us learn and relearn through our children. i suppose it will go on that way forever as we too are children (His :)

    i read your gifts, your counting, and i 'see' each one - so alive, so real, so full of hope and gratitude.
    thank you for the sharing. i'm so glad you gave this gift :]

    love you. joyfully,

  2. kara,

    i love reading your is beautiful.

    it is nice to hear from you, but i know you are loving Him whether it's posted or not...

    Ann's book--oh it is just breathtakingly beautiful. And so true...the hard but best will love it.

    blessings to you sister:)