Monday, October 11, 2010

The counting continues #286-302

What a thankful heart I have as I remember the past week.  There were so many times I wished I had the camera, but it seemed more important to stay in the moment than to run and get it.  I prayed the memories would be etched in my mind.  I am not good about documenting our life in pictures or in words.  I know it would be such a treasure to my dear ones, so I need to work on that.  In the meantime.....

celebrating my love's birthday simple and relaxed 
knowing that the best present this year was to just 'be' with his kids, his wife, and his dog
the profound joy the kids and I experienced in finding simple ways to bless him
a friend unexpectedly asking to babysit, so we could have a date together the night of his birthday
her lovely demeanor when she arrived ready for duty

walking down a rain-soaked Portland street holding his hand
that at the same time, we both shared how we like this city

night-time stories with the whole family, puppy included, snuggled up on our big bed

an absolutely amazing, deeply penetrating sermon delivered in humility
gaining a new understanding of forgiveness, a life-changing one really

ten adults sharing heart thoughts in our family room
nine children playing well together downstairs
a puppy behaving so nicely even Cesar Millan would be proud

keeping to boundaries, and
the amazing satisfaction I am experiencing in caring for my family, because
the priorities are getting rightly ordered

Holy Spirit teaching us all things

holy experience


  1. You live a beautiful life before Him - you are beautiful.

    i count your blessings with you, each one a whisper of praise to our Father. He is so good.
    Just yesterday someone said it is all too often a cliche; but, from my lips, from my heart, it is truth: God is good.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    as for the documentation there are the memories - the memories of you being in the moment and not off running for the camera and of course, there are Mondays :}

    thank you, Dear One. thank you for counting the blessings and sharing them with us. the joy. the contentment. the praise. all to His glory. you bring Him honor and praise. you are a blessing, His treasure :)

    my cup runneth over :}
    i love you,

  2. Kara, thank you for being you and sharing more of you with each gift list. I am truly blessed to call you sister and friend. I so enjoy seeing you live out your love to your loves. You are radiant! Although I pray that those memories are etched in your mind, I also pray they are secured deep in your heart. For living in the moment is the opportunity for us to be more like Him. Continue to be brave, bold and the wonderful you that you are!
    Love you!