Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fun and blessings 303-327

Oh the graces and mercies He richly bestows on me and mine!  Here are just a few from the past few days.....

tree filtered sunlight speckling painted yellow walls
washed decking
yellow, amber and red colored mums in a big pot
fall wreathes

the rain holding off just a bit longer

my son researching and studying for lego robotics
figuring out a kid-free, dog-free space for him to work in
the chance to volunteer with my son at a lego event at the mall
being able to enter his world for a few hours.... uninterrupted

the way the morning sun floods the music room

the sound of my mother's voice

the praises of my sweet mother-in-law
a surgery gone well
a recovery on its way
a God that loves her so well she cannot mistake it
that she and I can share deep things of the heart with each other
that I cannot help but love her

I can see, talk and pray with my sweet Michelle in Korea each week

watching a dear friend get excited about ministry

welcoming new families into the church, and
the excitement of the possibilities....

grass fed cows
juicy dog bones

pumpkin patches with jumpy things and livestock

leaves in the backyard

holy experience


  1. sounds wonderful :)
    am so excited for you, His hand so evident in your life - 'a God that loves you so well you cannot mistake it'

    and the pictures...

    so thankful for your fall fun and blessings,
    counting each of your blessings as my own this eve.

    i love you,

  2. Love the kids jumping in the piles of leaves. I loved that as a kid and brought back lots of memories!!

    Thank you for sharing the details of your beautiful life: legos, yellow walls, sounds you hear, things you see. Keep living in the moment, sister! It looks good on you!

    Love you!