Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's this moment, this flash, this twinkling, this instant that I live
the folding my hands are doing, the smoothing of knitted fabric
my hand feeling the slick soft puppy tongue accepting the treat
holding the cool plate while the scent of the warm bacon rises
running my fingers through her hair, stopping and smiling at the tangle
hearing his 10 year old heart pray out loud
relaxing under the hot spray of water on my sleep-stiffened shoulders
counting the times I saw him smile last night
praying for peace at the sight of the candle's flicker
breathing in His Word written in her handwriting
tapping out the reality and hitting click to send
it's not what I did yesterday
it's not what I will do tomorrow
it's now


  1. love those last 3 true. smiles.

  2. "It's now."
    This is so, so true. It's a hard lesson for me to learn, but by the grace of God, I'm slowly learning it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry.

  3. Such true and beautiful words spoken here...i love this Kara!

  4. i love this!
    i love you!

    how you honor, glorify, praise, and reflect Him! and how you inspire, encourage, exhort, and edify me!

    you are a treasure, dear one... and my cup runneth over as i am called friend :)

  5. it's not what I did yesterday
    it's not what I will do tomorrow
    it's now

    i'm camping here a while, soaking in Truth :)

  6. everything, EVERYTHING, in me sings to the tune of this melody you've written, kara... so so well written. you played on each of the five senses, and you lifted each sense heavenward in praise of him who gifts us these child-offerings...

    we are so blessed, we mamas. thank you for reminding me. love to you. xo

  7. good capture -- of reality, well written for Emilys imperfect prose, but this was not imperfect by a long shot. Lovely,


  8. Utterly lovely's now...thank you for sharing your heart.

  9. i love this post. i have it book marked & as you can see i read it again & again. thank you :)

    i love you,