Monday, October 25, 2010

Parade of Blessing #328-348

wind and rain whipping through the trees at night
the roof that keeps us dry
the furnace the keeps us warm
the glow of candles
the scent of apple cider warming on the stove

being at home
feeling at home
realizing things that are hard to put into words

my love telling my children how it's easy to find Mama in Costco because 'she's the prettiest one'
kisses from and to him

a friend trusting us to help him stay the course

that in life we have many chances

my mother-in-love's 69 years on this earth

our puppy who was sick is well again
industrial strength carpet cleaner

brilliant fall colors on tree-lined streets

that this:

has spurred on.....

prayers of family peace
the calm of sweet, wonderful music playing in the background of our daily living
a desk and cabinets, pantry, and coat closet that have now been de-cluttered and washed down and......
the huge difference these simple things have made

and a few digital recordings of a beautiful life....

Oh the lavish blessings He has heaped upon me....

holy experience


  1. i am awash in thankfulness and praise... my cup runneth over.

    there are no words of my own, simply the echo that rings so very true:

    Oh the lavish blessings He has heaped upon me

    Love you Dear One :)

  2. Oh sister! How sweet to be loved by the loves of your life the way you are!!! Love it! I so enjoy the pictures - you feel closer! It's fun to see sweet ones growing up and being who God made them to be. Continue counting, sister! He is good! Your list shows it! Thank you for sharing!