Monday, September 15, 2008

From Knoxville to Rockford

Well we logged about 650 miles yesterday.  We left Knoxville in the morning and made it to Champaign, IL for the evening meal which we shared with my sister Karman and her husband Bryan and all the kids:   Eric, Kelsey, Cole and Emma.  Everyone looked great and we are so proud of the kids.  It was way too short of a visit, but it was great seeing them.   We rolled into my brother's house in Rockford at 9:30PM.  We all pretty much crashed and are looking forward to spending the day today with Bruce and my sister Kim who were both able to take the day off.  

We have plans to leave tonight and move on to Galena, IL.  where we will stay the night and then do a bit of exploring in  the hometown of Ulysses S. Grant.  From there we are trying to work out a trip to Mason City, Iowa to see some family before moving on to Sioux Falls, Idaho.

In case all of this is not interesting enough, please note that yesterday Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch.   This is of particular interest to us as Merrill Lynch owns 49%  of BlackRock...a major competitor of Columbia Management (Greg's firm).  Black Rock is highly respected in the investment world and one has to wonder what the Bank will do with two competing investment firms.  Hmmmm.   

What an interesting development as we are driving across the country to a strange place all because of a job with a firm that now now looks to be in a precarious position.  Interesting indeed.  
How wonderful that our trust is not in man or the things of man!

More later.



  1. Love the pics, I meant to comment yesterday that I can't believe how big Andy & Luke are! My how time flies. And Karmen's kids... I remember a day with them at 2288 not that long ago... or so I thought :)
    Well, well, well... doesn't it seem this story He's written you into seems to have a plot that is 'none too simple'
    Keep on trusting :}
    My love & prayers,

  2. Love you and praying for you! Thanks for keeping us involved!