Monday, September 15, 2008

A great day

Hey, I just learned if you click on a pic, it will enlarge!  Who knew?!

We had a great time spending the day with my brother and sister, Bruce and  Kim.   Bruce's wife, Ann,  had to work and  their kids, Bruce and Cosette,   had school, but we caught up with them and (Kim's husband) Tim for dinner.

Kim took us to the Discovery Center after we had lunch at Egg Harbor Cafe.   That place was fun, at one point we all put our faces in this push-pin thingy (see pic), see if you can guess who's who.    We then returned to Bruce's house and while Bruce prepared dinner I helped Cosette with her homework and then Cosette allowed Sarah Grace to doll her up with blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick.   What a sport you are Cosette!  Bruce Jr. has quite a fan in Samuel and he was pretty much glued to his hip as soon as Bruce got home from football practice.  We all enjoyed watching some footage of our favorite Boylan Titan football player make a great interception last week.  I so wish I could watch one of my nephew's games in person!

Anyway, I promised the Eshelman's we would leave before Prison Break came on at 8:00pm  ;).
So we drove 2 hours west to Galena and are staying at a cool inn called the Irish Cottage.  The kids pretty much crashed as soon as we got here, and I think I will follow suit now.  

Feel free to call us on our phones, we love catching up during the long hours of driving!
Hope you enjoy the pics, we had fun making them.  For fun, I added a pic of the house I lived at until I was nine.



  1. Woo Hoo! The fam looks like you're having a blast! I'm so glad ya'll are having such great adventures and thank you, Lord, for the internet! Can you imagine how uninformed all of us who love each one of you SO much would be without this blog?! Thank you, Kara, for making the time to take pictures, post them, and write your feelings for us to view and take to heart. It helps us to know how to pray so specifically for you, and God smiles on that.

    All my love to you, G, S and cutie patooty SG (did she get eye make-up and lipstick, too?! huh?! come on, Mom!!),

    Sister, Sister-in-love, and Favorite Aunt Kayla :-)

  2. Yes - she got made-up as well. A lot of fun with her cousin Cosette.

  3. Hi,

    I think you have great fun with your cousines on that place.