Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Part II: Mount Rushmore

So then from the Badlands we went on to Mount Rushmore (not far from Rapid City, SD).  South Dakota pretty much smells like manure...everywhere that's what it smells like.  So if you like that kind of thing (and I generally do),  then you would probably think SD is a pretty cool place.  Anyway, about Mount Rushmore;  Sarah Grace and I agreed that it was our favorite excursion of the day.  It's really pretty amazing that this guy designed and sculpted (with the help of some 300 other people) this memorial out of a mountainside.   The memorial is a very nice, classy place to visit.  The weather was beautiful.  I understand they have a light show at night.  We ate lunch, took some pictures and left.  We still have lots of ground to cover after all.

Pop Quiz:  Can you name all four presidents in the Mount Rushmore memorial?  (I know, but I'm not telling!)

To be continued in part III.... 


  1. All four presidents (from L to R): Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. Yes, I used the internet.

    OK, I think the Liechty family missed a GREAT opportunity. When one views your picture under the memorial, one quickly realizes the Liechty Four greatly resemble these presidents! Too bad no one was there to shuffle you around a bit (get the kids elevated a tad), and do a photo with each of you under your respective (look-alike) president. The Liechty-Mount Rushmore photo should be posed as follows:

    (from L to R): Kara underneath Washington (we all now she is the strong matriarch of the Liechty clan and, as such, deserves the most prominent place in the photo. Aside of that, only Washington and Jefferson look slightly effiminate (the hair - come on, you know it's true), and, since Washington's hair appears to be receding some, Kara should be Washington (not b/c her hair is balding, of course, but in order to denote the age difference between she and Sarah Grace); Sarah Grace underneath Jefferson (Sarah Grace is our creative little beauty and, as Jefferson is depicted here with his eyes toward the heavens, we catch sight of Sarah Grace in a great creative moment, not far from Mommy, of course!); Greg is DEFINITELY under Roosevelt (we could go on and on with analogies of greatness and all, but we all know it simply comes down to two words: facial hair); Samuel under Lincoln (there are so many reasons for this one: destined for greatness, stands apart from any group/crowd as the strong individual he is - but it can mostly be summed up in the hair and the fact that Samuel just LOOKS LIKE LINCOLN in this rendering!!!)

    I hope you enjoyed (and appreciated) this little bit. It struck me right when I saw the photo. Wish I'd been there to pose and take the pic...

    Much love,


  2. Aislyn got 3 of four & her Mommy had to resort to the internet too ;)
    Kayla is hilarious in a great way :} & even though it was for you, I definitely enjoyed & appreciated it :}

  3. Did you see any black-footed ferrets while you were in Badlands? They are cute..a mix between a typical ferret and a racoon with the masked face.

    I am loving the most recent pictures of you all. Wow...I have to say, I'm living vicariously through you as I'm experiencing the country I've never personally visited through your trip. I hope to see many of these things first hand, but until then I am lovin' the sneak peak! My favorite so far? I have to agree with SG and K...Mount Rushmore is amazing! Keep on taking pics...only a bit more time before you make your arrival in Portland.
    Love you tons, and miss you tons.

  4. I hope I'm not breaking any blogging etiquette by doing this, but I just wanted to say "hello" to "-t-." I'm glad you appreciated my silliness regarding Mount Rushmore. I hope you, -j-, -a-, and -b- are all doing well down in the land of the mouse. Tell -a- I'm VERY impressed (as was Jason) that she was able to name 3 of the 4 presidents. Way to go, girl!


  5. Kayla,
    I loved your idea! We did miss out on a great pic opportunity. Now, I'm going back to the pic to see if Samuel really does look like Abe Lincoln!

    Love you,

  6. Leave it to Kayla to come up with such a clever rendering of the photo-op. You go, Girl!...Mom and Dad Liechty

    PS - Mom was able to identify three of the four presidents, and with Dad's help, discovered the fourth one.

  7. Mommy Liechty,

    You did as well as Aislyn on naming the Presidents! Does the saying "Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader?" come to mind? :-) All said in good fun, as I only knew TWO!