Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Part I: The Badlands

We left Mitchell, SD and headed west to the Badlands National Park.  Cool place.  On the way we saw antelope and prairie dogs and lots of rolling hills and more farmland than I can talk about.  We didn't see the buffalo, but they are there somewhere.  
The Badlands are a very quiet place.  Quiet, hot and rocky.  We munched on buffalo jerky and sipped our waters while we hiked around a bit.  Not too much time was spent in any one place today, because we had so many excursions (Mt. Rushmore and Devil's Tower will be parts II and III).  

To be continued in Part II....


  1. OK, the fam pic today is fine, but the posterior :-) view of precious S and SG ambling together toward the lookout point simply cannot be beat. That's desktop background material. Couldn't you just squeeze and kiss them up? Well, yes, you and Greg can do that, can't you?! I know you are - on all our behalf. You do realize you are now responsible for all that kissing and hugging and loving - not just from you, but from all of us whom you LEFT BEHIND, right?! So, get to kissing and hugging and loving for us. :-)


    When you need to see buffalo, we have 10 (2 babies) just 1.5 miles from our house. You're welcome any time!

    Love you,


  2. I agree with Kayla- that pic of S & SG is fabulous!!