Monday, July 19, 2010

#102-128 and counting...

water falls with swimming holes

boys jumping off of rocks

the aunt who swims with her clothes on so she could be with the kids

the other aunt who hikes so she could be with the kids

cousins who love to be with each other even though they hardly ever are

my god-daughter's laugh

time alone with my love


getting stuck on a scenic loop
having a family that forgives that we got home late
a dad that stood on the porch, gazing down the road, watching for our return

cheap flip-flops for sale at the top of the lift

an expensive camera
the sister who knows how to use it

bread made by my mother

gluten-free cake made by my mother-in-law (love) that would rival that of the best bakery

friends that gently nudge me on either side to keep me on the narrow path

new love being tested
old love that passed all the tests

having a home my kids want to go back to
having too many gifts to count just now

God loved Jacob


  1. so thankful for friends that keep you on the narrow path... excellent list... blessings on your travels and adjusting to new surroundings... I can't imagine such a move. whew! Have a blessed day!

  2. Isn't it wonderful how in every line there's the unspoken that speaks louder than what is penned?

    Peace. Contentment. Rest. Joy. Fun. Trust. Memories. Love.

    I love your list. I love you, Dear Friend!

  3. Sweet remembrances from this past week. I think about Christ telling Martha, "Mary has chosen that which is needful."

    You have counted your heart blessings and they are rich treasures. Especially the one about your dad.

    Keep the eyes of your heart open for blessings from heaven.