Monday, July 26, 2010


holy experience

arriving home safely
our own beds

a house in order

friends who help
friends who understand

watching my children play
watching one do for the other in secret

international long distance calling

a new friend (we prayed for her!) for my dear friend Michelle

kindness from strangers

being comfortable in my own skin

asking for His help and getting it

finding out it's OK to say no

learning to save and savor 'yes'

saying yes to my LORD
saying yes to my Love
saying yes to my Littles

the promise of August


  1. :) Praise, praise, praise...
    I am excited to hear about Michelle's friend!

  2. I enjoyed visiting your blog tonight. Your list is thought provoking. I join you in gratitude for a house that is in order, friends who help and the ability to keep in touch through skype.
    May God richly bless you this Monday.

  3. Nice list! We're just leaving for holidays tomorrow. But I'm such a homebody, I wish I could be saying "arriving home safely." In two weeks or so - God willing...

  4. A beautiful, heartfelt list!
    I love watching my girls "do for the other in secret" too
    Always makes me smile :)
    Blessings ~

  5. Hello Dear One,

    Happy Wednesday :)

    "What a rich blessing it is for me to read the words of your heart. In the rush of life the written word slows us down. Writing seems so much more deliberate than speaking, don't you think?"

    Thank you and yes, I do think.

    I think that August is also a wonderful oportunity for written words, don't you?!